Shauna Rae has two potential love interests in “I Am Shauna Rae Season 2”.

Shauna Rae revealed her dating life in the premiere of season 2 of I Am Shauna Rae. Additionally, the title star looks set to meet several potential love interests in the upcoming season.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Shauna Rae dating a firefighter

The first episode of I Am Shauna Rae season 2 dropped earlier this week.

Plus, the show’s lead, Shauna Rae, talks about dating a firefighter named Thomas.

‘A matchmaker contacted me about a man with pituitary dwarfism,’ she says in an audio commentary, so I thought I could be a good match.

She also said, ‘I’m a little nervous to meet someone who has gone through something similar to mine. I’m interested in seeing the similarities and differences.’

During the conversation, Rae says, ‘They hit me once.’

On the other hand, Thomas responded with a light smile, saying, “I have never experienced it.”

However, as they dated, they realized that they had different ‘social lives’ while sharing a common medical history.

However, the two said they understood each other about eventually moving out of their parents’ house and buying a house.

She went to share her dating experience with Thomas while talking to E! online.

Rae said, ‘In general, I think it was cool to go on a date with a firefighter. It was like going back to sophomore year learning all about the fire department.’

Meanwhile, on this day’s broadcast, 22-year-old reality entertainer Lee Chae-yeon was depicted with another love line. She is video chatting with a Welsh-based entrepreneur named Dan, who is planning a trip to the US soon.

Shauna Rae shares her difficulties dating other people.

In a previous interview, Shauna Rae has spoken of the problems she has faced with her condition.

she explained I’m 22 but I look like 8. My parents put in my head all the people I could be attracted to and why they might be attracted to me. I’m always looking for a red flag.’

She added, ‘I think the biggest challenge I face when I’m in a relationship is whether or not he can handle all the hurdles he has to overcome.’

Ra goes on to point out that ‘a lot of people say they can handle it, but it’s a completely different experience when faced with it’.


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