Shay Johnson and Bambi are masking each other on social media.

Shay Johnson and Bambi’s feud doesn’t seem to be over. The two recently dissed each other on the Internet after a new episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL aired on Tuesday, October 11th.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Bambi claims her mother-in-law supports Shay Johnson.

In a recent episode, Bambi reveals to Sierra Gates about her tense relationship with her mother-in-law Momma Dee.

Moreover, she claims that Momma Dee has always favored her son’s former flames.

Bambi ‘But [Momma Dee’s] It will never stop. You can still see her posting her b****es. [Lil Scrappy] I use it to have sex with you.’

If you don’t know, Bambi is referring to Momma Dee, who shares a post congratulating Shay Johnson on her new baby.

She said, ‘Momma Dee just posted a video of Scrap’s old side chick Shay to congratulate this woman on congratulating her baby and she’s talking about whether she’s going to be a great-grandmother or an asshole. And now, you have people on the internet who assume that babies will be babies of scrap.’

Shay Johnson applauded Bambi.

Shay Johnson responded to Bambi’s accusations by sharing a clip in which Erica Dix confronts Scrappy while Bambi is still engaged.

She also outlined the post with the caption, ‘I wouldn’t have anything to say if a little thing about me hadn’t been aired on LAST NIGHT national TV’. I take care of my work and stay away from my family. It’s not my place.’

She continued, ‘I made this clear to @tharealmommadee as well, but it was trivial to be on TV and call me the next chick, so I have to be clear.

Bambi and Shay Johnson Trade Offensive

The online feud between Bambi and Shay Johnson occurred when the former claimed the 39-year-old reality star was using her husband as the show’s storyline.

She said, ‘You quickly defended yourself for being “the girl next door,” but when the crickets hinted in your story that my husband was your baby’s dad, he denounced it.’

‘Last night you were talking about me,’ Johnson said of Bambi’s accusation. I didn’t mention you at all on the show. So stop talking nonsense.’


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