Sherri Shepherd poster replaces Wendy Williams billboard ahead of premiere of new show

Sherri Shepherd’s face is now where the Wendy Williams poster was.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Wendy Williams’ posters were replaced by billboards by Sherri Shepherd.

Sherri Shepherd is gearing up for a new weekly talk show, and promotions have already started.

Most recently, a huge poster with Shepard’s face was painted right in front of Chelsea Studios in New York City on Thursday. It replaced the place where Wendy Williams’ billboards once stood.

Still, fans pointed out that Shepherd will be filming the upcoming show in the same studio where Williams filmed her famous Wendy Williams Show.


Also reported by the producers TMZ The redesign of the studio is going pretty well. They also announced that they plan to repaint the set with bright and cheerful colors. It will reflect the personality of a 55-year-old comedian.

The tones are said to be bright blues and yellows, very similar to Shepard’s new poster.

What’s more, insiders claim that Shepherd’s latest venture is booked until the fall. They noted that Shepherd was most likely to invite several of her famous celebrity friends during the show’s premiere week.

Wendy Williams is not for sale on Sherri Shepherd’s new show.

Wendy Williams told Fat Joe in an interview on May 6, 2022 that he would not be watching Sherri Shepherd’s upcoming show.

The 58-year-old host said, ‘I’m not going to see her because I know what she’s going to do and it’s not my job. Well, you know? You know what I’m talking about?’

She quickly turned the subject to herself and she said, ‘But I love you, I love being on my show. And I like that people always want to see it.’

Williams has been absent from the Wendy Williams show indefinitely due to medical issues starting in October 2021.

sherry shepard

Nonetheless, the syndicated weekly talk show premiered with guest hosts including Leah Remini, Michelle Visage, Whitney Cummings and Shepherd.

However, earlier this year, Shepherd announced that it would be launching a new talk show titled ‘Sherri’.

The show will replace Williams’ iconic series and is set to hit TV screens on September 12, 2022.

Meanwhile, Williams is ready to start his own podcast called ‘The Wendy Experience’.



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