Shesterkin wins Game 2 over Rangers and Penguins

New York — The New York Rangers have demonstrated throughout the regular season that resilience is one of their best qualities.

Now they’ve shown it in the Stanley Cup playoffs as well.

The Rangers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-2 in Game 2 of Round 1 of the Eastern Conference at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. 1 It will not be forgotten soon.

Game 3 of the best-of-seven series will take place in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Rangers goalkeeper ‘definitely showed good form’ Igor Shesterkin said. “It was a good first step in the right direction and we will continue to accelerate from here.”

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Shesterkin made another big hit with 39 saves after making 79 on Tuesday. He did his best for over the first five minutes of the 3rd period, with the Penguins losing 3-2 and pushing the equalizer to beat New York 9-0.

Shesterkin stopped Yevgeny Malkin From the right pillar coming from the left sydney crosby From the left post coming from the right.

When he plays like that, the confidence spreads throughout the Rangers lineup.

“He made three or four saves in the first three innings. [3-2]”, said New York manager Gerard Gallant. “It’s been a huge undertaking for us. It was probably the worst four or five minutes we’ve had in the whole game.”

Shesterkin cleared bad times throughout the Rangers season. He’s probably the biggest reason resilience has been a theme for the season.

New York lost more than two games in a row once this season (March, November 2-6), but after qualifying for the playoffs, they suffered three straight losses in the last week of the regular season.

“I can’t say enough about him,” Rangers said ahead. Frank Bartrano said.

Video: [email protected], Gm2: Shesterkin made 39 saves in Game 2.

However, the Rangers stopped allowing the 3rd period to be all about the keeper. Artemi Panarin He took the puck deep and tried to get to the center from behind the goal line. Jacob Truva And luckily it bounced off the net from a penguin defender. Mike MadisonThe skate on the right is at 8:02.

With this, they took the lead again with a 4-2 lead.

Vatrano then scored from the right face-off circle at 1:47, making it 5-2 at 9:49. Again, resilience.

“It’s big.” Vatrano said. “Playoff hockey is a different animal.”

with Andrew Cobb, Chris Crider And Ryan Strom Each score at the beginning of the game; New York have scored in 5 of the top 6 forwards. Panarin and Vatrano also contributed two assists each.

defender Adam Fox In 23 minutes and 25 seconds of ice time, he had a wonderful night with 4 assists and 7 attempts.

New York have won at least one point from nine players, including one from Shesterkin, and have won at least one shot from 14 players.

“We’re talking about it, everyone has to go every night,” Vatrano said. “It’s the playoffs, whether you’re on the first line or the fourth line, whatever line you’re on, [defense] Pairing is required no matter how many minutes you play. No matter how many minutes you play, we want the most play we can get from every player. It’s important. We have the depth to score goals and block defensively in this team, so it’s good to see everyone involved.”

But it wasn’t a perfect performance. It is far from that.

The Rangers have a lot of work to do in Game 3 to better their defensive zone.

Penguin scored 41 shots in goal, including a 9-0 lead through 13/3/5:13. He finished the period with 16 shots.

“We have to get stronger defensively and we have to get stronger defensively,” Gallant said. “We quickly [defensive] Zone We are a really good team. I think we’re sitting too much in the slots and getting too many opportunities at the point where they can craft items. We have to do it faster.”

Pittsburgh’s Top Line sydney crosby, Jake Günzel And Brian Rust As in game 1, we ran into a problem. Crosby scored goals and assists, Guentzel scored and Line had 17 shots, 6 each from Crosby and Guentzel and 5 from Rust.

“We restrained them a bit, but they are great players,” Gallant said. “That line is a real top line and it’s hard to defend. Overall we did a decent job.”

Decent won’t cut down on the Rangers winning three more in this series.

“It’s nice to be on the board, but it’s better when you play the full game and we have to do it a little bit better,” Gallant said. “Every time it seems we’re gaining momentum, we give it back to them, but we can’t keep doing that.”

At least when they do, rangers are usually resilient enough to find it again.


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