Shy Twitch Stars: Face Reveal Quest

Sylily is a Dutch female independent VTuber. She started streaming on Twitch on August 29, 2015. She debuted again in her new 2D on January 10, 2022, creating her own designs before returning to her 2D animation.

Lily is a good-natured but cheerful killer whale who doesn’t shy away from lewd remarks. She is known for responding to X-rated statements in the cutest way possible. But regardless of her lewdness, sometimes she’s unexpectedly fine sometimes, perhaps because of her feline nature. Shy Twitch Stars: Face Reveal Quest.

Shy Twitch Star: Face Reveal

Shilyly did not change her real name to Lilly. She studied the customs of her ancestors and built electronic personality characters that followed them.

Shalyly was always interested in the customs of her ancestors, and she decided to create an electronic personality character that followed them. She chose the name “Shylily” for her character and has been using it ever since.

Sylily’s main goal is to learn as much as possible about her family history. She wants to be able to teach people about her own legacy in the future. Shylly also enjoys spending time with her friends and playing video games.

Her virtual avatar is an anime whale with long wavy locks and white accents, while her real avatar is a young woman with short brown hair and blue eyes. Her body is adorned with old scars. Her favorite outfit is a blue bathrobe. Her story is sad since the little girl she was playing in the winter forest when she got lost in the dark forest.

shy age

Sylily will turn 26 in 2022. She is 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 49 kg. Her hair is dark brown and her eyes are brown.

Has Shiley’s Face Revealed?

Twitch celebrity Shylyly has yet to reveal her identity. A computer-generated character, Shylly was designed by creator and illustrator Lilly. She was born in Germany and moved to Denmark. After graduating from the University of Denmark, she studied law at the University of Leiden.

In July 2021, she lifted part of her face to show off her V-tubing. We don’t know if it’s her or a stock photo of her from the internet because she didn’t upload it. She is a young Caucasian woman with light brown hair and little fingers if her pictures are real. The anime killer whale with a white stripe on her back is her fictional self. She wears a blue dress and has historical scars on her body.

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Learn more about Shiley

Shilyly is a German girl. Her date of birth and her horoscope are currently unknown. She said her legal name is Lily. On YouTube, Shiley’s pseudonym is a mystery and there are no clues about her family on the public internet. She wants to keep her personal information private, just like any other YouTuber. Her marital status is single and she is currently single. Last month, ‘Shiley’ secured about 200 viewers and aired for 91 hours and 40 minutes.

Lily also has a YouTube channel with the same name as her. Lilly is her real name and Shylly is the name of her online persona. Her videos are usually stories about her past or present, and she also offers advice to others.

Meet Shilyly on Twitch

Shylily has over 100,000 followers on Twitch. She uses the platform for her live streaming video service, vtubing. Besides, Shiley’s Instagram account is private, but her Twitter account is private. However, both her Facebook page and her LinkedIn profile are set to private. This suggests that Sylily is very careful with what she shares online. She frequently uploads Twitch live stream highlights to this channel. She occasionally publishes various compilation videos of her.

shy facts

  • Sylily loves lemons, yam, shrimp and money.
  • Lily was born and raised in Germany, then moved to Denmark over the next several years and then to the Netherlands.
  • She is very allergic to socks, showers and tail grabs.
  • She is an avid pet lover and also has a cat named Mana.
  • She used to play and stream Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

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