Sienna Mae Gomez faces a backlash over a “Culture Cancel” video on TikTok.

Popular influencer Sienna Mae Gomez has been swirling around the internet after returning to TikTok with a video about “Cancel Culture”. Meanwhile, she left TikTok due to past controversy. It seems that her comeback was wrong by uploading a video on ‘Culture Cancel’. But why is she gathering topics on the Internet?

Read ahead to learn more about Sienna Mae Gomez’s much-talked-about return to TikTok.

Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright Controversy

After gaining popularity on social media as an influencer, Sienna Mae Gomez has over 13 million followers on TikTok. In her app for her, everything seemed to be going well. It was only after Jack Wright’s assault allegations that things turned around for Siena.

I’m back in January of this year. We got Jack to post a video on YouTube explaining everything Mae did to him. It showed a few things about Ma. Thanks to her, she lost millions of fans. In fact, everything has changed for her since then.

Sienna TikTok posted a backlash on the internet.

The accusation against Jack in Siena caused a lot of headlines on social media. He later even caused a backlash on the Internet. Eventually, she withdrew from TikTok. Basically, she last appeared on TikTok in January of this year. But she seems to be back.


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Yes, on May 28th, influencer Sienna Mae Gomez came back with a video on TikTok. Her video on TikTok actually showed the lip sync of Dominic Fike’s “Cancel Me.” As a result, she once again created a lot of hype on social media.

Users React to Sienna Mae Gomez’s Comeback on TikTok

Sienna’s video on “Cancel Culture” literally shows her back after a few months on TikTok. But not everyone seems to be happy about it. Some users are commenting on why she’s back.

However, she has always denied Jack’s accusations raised over the past year. TikTok user says she is really hot after reposting her video on her popular app TikTok As comments about her comeback flooded the internet.

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