Singer Cher and Alexander Edwards admit to dating rapper due to age difference

After sparking rumors of a romance with Alexander “AE” Edwards, Cher appears to have commented on her surprising relationship via social media. At the end of November 5th, she posted a photo of the music maker with the words ‘Alexander’ written along with a red heart emoticon. The Grammy Award winner also left some vague answers while participating in a Q&A on social media platforms. When asked if the man in the picture is a ‘rookie’, Cher cleverly answered with a smiley face along with a heart emoticon. She responded to one of her fans on her Twitter with a similar “Good for you” emoji. Enjoy what you’re doing and who you are and FK everyone else. you should be happy

When another fan said, ‘I think it would be better to treat you like a queen’, it was confirmed that Cher said ‘LIKE A’. [crown emoji]. Some fans criticized the age difference between the two. Cher is 78 years old and Edwards is 36 years old. ‘I am not defending us. Cher tweeted on November 6th. Haters will hate it… It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t bother anyone. Cher applauded when Twitter users answered, ‘Are you going to do anything else!?’ to a question about Edwards’ motives and intentions. Please allow me to understand… I DONT GIVE A [plane emoji] FK What everyone thinks.

Are Cher and Alexander Edwards dating?

Cher has confirmed her romance with Alexander Edwards and has sent a huge message to the music producer who treats her like a queen. Talking about their 40-year difference, she shrugs. Love doesn’t know math. Previously dating Tom Cruise, Kiss stars Gene Simmons and Warren Beaty, and married to Sonny Bono for 10 years, the vocalist shared a heart emoji for her ‘new man’ a week ago after the two held hands at Hollywood restaurant Craig’s. Posted. A fan asked to confirm whether she was in love with her, and the star, who fell in love with her, responded with heart eyes with her lovely face, and said through another SNS that she was treating her like a queen. She added that the two first met at Paris Fashion Week last month and have already made friends with the ones they love. Alexander Edwards had previously dated Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and admitted that he had an affair during her relationship, but Cher fell in love with her, dismissing her fans’ fears about him. Cher and Alexander Edwards were caught having dinner with Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga last week.

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Cher confirms romance with Edward and ignores the 40-year age difference.

A true Cher-style vocalist has no energy for haters, as he shrugged off criticism of the 40-year age gap with Alexander Edwards. The 76-year-old hitmaker Believe has confirmed her relationship with her 36-year-old lover after the two were spotted holding hands during a date this evening. Cher and Alexander Edwards dined at celebrity hotspot Craig’s with Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga. Following reports of the parakeets getting to know each other at Cher’s Malibu mansion, she recently put it on sale for a stunning $85million (£74m). The music icon quelled fans’ concerns that he could have bad intentions. Alexander, 40 years younger than Cher, is thought to have first met his new girlfriend when they posed side by side at the Rick Owens SS 2023 Paris Fashion Week show in September. Alexander is a former member of model and broadcaster Amber Rose, 39, and has a three-year-old son, Slash Electric.

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