Singer Kelany and Christian Walker have an argument.

TikTok user Christian Walker confronted Kehlani at a Starbucks drive-thru and accused her of verbally abusing her. As the news that he is dating a singer became known, attention is focused on his identity.

Kehlani responded on social media to Christian’s accusations after the singer posted a few clips of their encounter.

Christian Walker: Who is he?

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has a 22-year-old son named Christian. He describes himself as a “freedom radical” while the New York Post calls him a “conservative social media influencer.” Twitter.

Regarding his sexual orientation, Christian said on June 1 that he was “attracted to men” but refused to reveal that he was gay.

You can also see them talking about dating with men on TikTok. On the platform, he has over 132,000 followers.

Meanwhile, his official website sells a variety of products including T-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs.

TikTok users face off against Kehlani.

Starbucks’ drive-thru event is depicted in a clip sequence from Christian’s Instagram story.

If the store doesn’t have an American flag, TikToker offers to get one.

Before approaching Kehlani, who was waiting in front of Christian’s in her car, he verboses about it.

He approached the performer, called himself a mutt, and claimed he had warned Starbucks employees to stay “safe” around them.

He hears him say in the video, “Everyone has a right to an opinion. You won’t be so rude or tell the barista that I’m an asshole.”

“Go get a drink and leave. I have the right to have the same opinion as others. Why do you have a right to an opinion, but I don’t? you are an asshole “Go and get a drink.” he instructs

Later, he continued to rant on Twitter when he talked about the “leftist” approaching him.

What did Kelany say?

Kehlani shared a screenshot of her face in a video from a TikTok influencer in response to the controversy surrounding him with the word “Taurus” written on it.

Christian Walker

She added a screenshot of Christian’s “I adore Kehlani so much” tweet in 2016 to her post.

The singer ended her message with a bouncing selfie. I would like to end this by saying that I was in a virtual therapy session the entire time according to the overlay text on the image. I am living proof that the treatment works.

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