‘Sister Wife’ Season 17: Christine and Kody Brown Breakup Story

sister’s wife The season 17 teaser was released, drawing attention. ‘Christine and Cody Brown’s Farewell.

On Friday, TLC released a short 10-second teaser in which one of the four wedding rings fell. All tension will be revealed on September 11th after the dramatic loop is gone.

While the teaser raises a lot of questions, season 17 will cover the sensational breakup between Christine and Cody after a long 25 years.

Kristen Brown surprised everyone by announcing the breakup on Instagram in November of last year.

On the other hand, Cody expressed regret about the breakup after a long time.

“Christine’s decision to leave is with great sadness. We enjoyed her many years together and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. Although we go down different paths, we will always remain dedicated parents.”

Despite the emotional breakup, they take responsibility for each other and show maturity. But that’s just speculation. Everything will be revealed this season to answer all your questions.

Christine’s relationship with Cody

Christine married Kody in 1994 when she married first wife Meri Brown and second wife Janelle Brown.

Christine and Kody have six children: Paedon, 23, and daughters Mykelti, 25, Aspyn, 26, Ysabel, 19, Gwndlyn, 20, and Truely, 11.

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