Skincare trends that will change your daily life in 2022

Also, as we take a more holistic approach to our skin and require a more gentle formula than harsh active ingredients, mushrooms create the perfect hybrid ingredient that provides tangible benefits while meeting all of your daily wellness aspects.

skin microbiome sq

What is the ‘microbiome’, a recent topic in skin care, and how can we provide clearer and healthier skin?

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After years of triple cleansing, stripping actives, and exfoliating acid cocktails, 2022 will see a new, more intuitive skincare trend. “Intuitive beauty is not a strict, repetitive prescription, but the process of using products in loose turns based on what your skin really needs,” explains Lucy Macdougald, dermatologist and founder of the Australian brand Biologi. “It’s not about applying products on a daily basis, it’s about trusting your instincts for what your skin needs.”

Shivraj Bassi, industry insider and founder of award-winning nutrition brand Innermost, said, “The skincare industry is growing at an incredible rate, but there is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the world. We are recognizing the consumer tendency to reduce weight and avoid the use of heavy products that can be counterproductive, but will instead focus much more on skincare that includes nutrition and topical products that address and prevent problems before they occur. ”

There will also be a shift towards emotional beauty, or “emo-beauty.” According to Alexia Inge, co-founder of Cult Beauty, we are increasingly concerned with how products make us feel, not just how we look. “Effective brands that market themselves by mood will be the ticket to popularity after 2022,” she said. “Whether it’s an anti-anxiety CBD-infused body oil, a defragmentation raykied face mist, an energy-boosting transdermal vitamin patch, or a mind-enhancing aromatherapy mask, consumers are looking to infuse emotional support into the products they buy.”

focus on water

By 2022, more brands will be interested in water, with bring your own water (BYOW) products such as solid or powder skincare (including retinol bars from solid skincare brand SBTRCT), and packaging that dissolves on contact with water (including PLUS) You will see them turning. body wash sachets that disappear completely in the shower), and skincare products designed to work with cold water rather than hot water for a more environmentally friendly approach.

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