Skittles Recruit LGBTQ+ Artists to Create Colorful Pride 2022 Packages

As a sign of solidarity with the community, Skittles is celebrating Pride Month with the launch of a custom brand pack created by six LGBTQ+ artists.

Traditionally, confectionery brands have downgraded their famous rainbow colors to monotonous grays and prominently displayed shared values, but this year the situation is a little different, leaving ‘bouncing colors’ in their designs to indicate the way people ‘see rainbows’. ‘

Developed in collaboration with campaign group Glaad, the brand pack brings a little color over a month for eye-catching packaging in an effort to draw attention to the Rainbow Pride flag.

Skittles has had a colorful year since 2013 when they started their ‘apple tour’, which decided to replace their apple-flavored sweets with a lime flavor. The exchange was canceled after more than 130,000 Skittles fans shared their complaints on social media.

Skittles produced by Mars Wrigley have been in production since 1979 and more than 200 million skittles are produced every day worldwide.


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