Slipknot European Tour 2023: Tickets, Pre-Sales, Where to Buy, Prices and More

Heavy metal band Slipknot is arriving soon with their European tour in 2023. Now, music lovers are already making plans for how they will spend the new year 2023. When updates from music artists come out one after another. When does Slipknot European Tour 2023 start?

Read ahead for further updates on Slipknot European tour 2023 and all the latest updates.

Slipknot European Tour 2023 Schedule Announced

As mentioned earlier, heavy metal band Slipknot’s tour begins in 2023. Luckily we have the same update and Slipknot will arrive for our European tour on June 7th, 2023. The tour starts on the 7th. It goes until June 21, 2023.

So, you can have Slipknot performances on June 7th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 20th and 21st June 2023. So we’re decorating next summer with a performance by the famous band Slipknot that you shouldn’t miss.

What is special about Slipknot European Tour 2023?

Slipknot recently released their seventh studio album, The End, So Far. September 30, 2022 This album contains 12 tracks. To support this, the band tours in Europe.

The date and location of Slipknot European Tour 2023 have been announced. It starts in Nilsdorf, Austria. Post with a heavy metal band performing in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium and Germany. Slipknot also has ticket information for European segments. So don’t miss out to check it out.

2023 Slipknot Europe Tour Ticket Information

2023 You will be very excited to participate in the Slipknot European tour 2023. Therefore, you must have the same ticket in advance. Valid from 10am on 9/09/2022 local time. You can also get Amsterdam tickets on Live Nation.

Hamburg and Berlin tickets are also available on Live Nation. Hamburg tickets will also be available for pre-sale on Ticketmaster on 8 November. For more details, you can check the price and make a reservation on the official Slipknot website.

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