SM Entertainment announces release date of espa comeback mini album 2022

Aespa, a K-pop band that recently started their journey, is coming back soon with a mini album. Aespa literally surprised everyone with her talent. In November 2020, chartbuster Black Mamba took them to the top. So their arrival again this time is making a lot of buzz.

Read more about Aespa and their comeback mini-album ahead of time.

K-pop girl group Espa and its popularity

While K-pop bands are creating a special craze for everyone. One of the hottest girl groups these days is Aespa. A 4-member girl group consisting of Karina, Gisele, Winter and Ning-Ning. Under SM Entertainment.

The group debuted in November 2020. It eventually fell to a chartbuster that same year with the title “Black Mamba”. That craze that is still hard to miss. But again the girls are ready to arrive with new tracks for their fans. In fact, I dropped a few hints about it as well.

SPA is making a comeback with a mini album

Espa is making a comeback with their first mini album after a long time. SM Entertainment announced the release of a new album. The mini album title is ‘Girls’. SM Entertainment delivered this news on June 1st and literally delighted all Espa fans.

Because the album will be out on July 8th this year. A teaser was also released for this. It showed the girls moving along the mountain in the teaser. It gives a futuristic feel. It’s definitely making everyone want to have an album soon.

Fan reactions to Aespa’s new album

Fans of girl group k-pop groups have always provided enough love and support for all their albums. Likewise, again, they want to see what comes out of them. Meanwhile, the teaser of ‘Girls’ made them excited. In addition, he gave a hint that the new album would show fighting villains.

So it will be interesting to see whether it will drop the chartbuster again this time or not. A group not to be missed made an appearance at Coachella this time.

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