Smallpox antiviral drugs may help relieve symptoms of monkey pox, a study found.

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Antiviral drugs commonly used to treat smallpox may shorten the duration of monkeypox. study issued on tuesday Lancet Infectious DiseaseIt has the potential to open new avenues to limit the ongoing international monkey chickenpox outbreak.

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that much study All seven patients diagnosed with monkey pox in the UK between August 2018 and September 2021 were analyzed and performed by researchers from Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool University of Tropical Medicine and other institutions.

The only patient who took the smallpox antiviral drug tecovirimat was monkey pox, which resulted in a hospital stay of only 10 days, which was about 15 days shorter than the average of the entire series of patients.

However, the study’s authors said they could not draw hard and fast conclusions because of the small sample size and recommended further studies with tecovirimat and other possible smallpox treatments.

The US stocks 1.7 million doses of tecovirimat in the Strategic National Stockpile of pharmaceutical manufacturer SIGA Technologies. presentation If the efficacy of the drug is confirmed through additional studies in 2021, it could become a major asset in the monkey-dox response.

The three patients included in the study took brincidofovir, a smallpox antiviral drug that has been shown to be effective against monkey pox in animals, such as tecovirimat, but brincidofovir had no effect on monkey pox among those patients. It was not shown and was consistently associated with liver dysfunction, the researchers said.

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The monkeyhead outbreak, first identified earlier this month, has grown to include at least 131 cases in 19 countries where the virus is not endemic. 1 confirmed case And an estimated 4 cases in the US. monkey chicken pox closely related Smallpox and smallpox treatment are sometimes effective about both. On Monday, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official announced that the US would launch a strategic national stockpile of Jynneos, a vaccine that is effective against monkeypox, although it has accumulated against a possible smallpox outbreak. monkey chicken pox send through broken skin or mucous membranes Symptom A rash that is followed by a rash such as heat and exhaustion can develop into pustules and crusts.


Can be monkey chicken pox fatal, generally mild. The current outbreak poses only a minor risk to the public, said National Security Council (NSC) senior director of global health security and biodefense, Dr. Raj Panjabi said:said NPR’s morning edition monday. In general, even in countries with less robust health care infrastructure, the mortality rate of patients infected with the relatively mild monkey strains associated with the current outbreak is less than 1%. All 7 monkey chickenpox patients Lancet Infectious Disease The study was fully restored.

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“Monkeyhead outbreaks are ‘not normal’, but ‘controllable’ as confirmed cases increase, WHO says.” (Forbes)


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