Snapchat reveals that the new cry filter is not inspired by Amber Heard.

Camera filters were a well-known feature that Snapchat allowed users to do. The social media site has introduced a new cry filter that is already trending on the platform. However, netizens believe the filter was inspired by actress Amber Heard.

Nevertheless, the theory is far from the truth.

Snapchat has released a crying filter that depicts moments when users shed tears. But social media users theorized that when Amber Heard entered last week, she was inspired by her crying face.

Ordinary users of ghost apps may already be familiar with the new filter. This is an augmented reality lens that changes your expression to make you look like you are crying. You can also use filters to make your eyes look like tears or a frown on your nose. You can also use a filter to break up puddles of tears on your skin.

It didn’t take long for filters to become popular with both adults and children. They are obsessed with Crying Filters and use them to create new viral videos.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Snapchat’s latest cry filter is not inspired by Amber Heard.

The new crying filter gained instant popularity among users. However, numerous rumors began to circulate on the Internet.

Users speculate that Snapchat created a filter inspired by Amber Heard’s crying face.

For those who don’t know, the actress is currently busy with a defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Heard cried while presenting her video evidence in court.

There is widespread speculation floating around the Internet. However, a Snapchat spokesperson has stepped forward to reveal the truth.

TMZ reported that the crying lenses were not inspired by the Aquaman star. Also, if you think logically, the dates don’t add up.

The popular lens dropped to Snapchat on Friday, but has been working on it for the past six months. So by the time Heard gave his tearful testimony, the filter was already in development.

The spokesperson also noted that social media platforms will never be shy about incidents of domestic violence.

Crying Filter has already garnered over 1.3 billion impressions by Snapchat users. This lens was also reported to be a major hit in NFL circles. Many big stars are happily weeping for their fans and followers.


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