Sneakmart’s Upcoming Metakicks NFT Offers 10% Chance To Get Real Limited Edition Sneakers

In recent years, both sneakers and NFTs have transformed into multi-billion dollar industries. The sneaker resale market was valued at $6 billion in 2019, but today it is much larger and closer to the value of NFTs. These overlaps open new opportunities for players like the Sneakmart and Metakick collections.

The overlap of sneakers and NFTs

Fashion will always remain an important part of society. While many focus on jewelry and apparel, the footwear sector should not be overlooked either. Sneakers in particular have become of great value to speculators and resellers in recent years.

The brand launches limited edition collections to ensure that only hundreds of items from a particular line exist. Obtaining such items is difficult and expensive as there is an opportunity to purchase such items during a limited drop period. Naturally, the demand for limited edition sneakers has spurred the resale market.

Statista’s results Confirm In 2019, the sneaker resale market was worth $6 billion. Although more than a third of that value came from the United States alone, there was overall international growth. Further growth could come from initiatives like Sneakmart’s Metakicks, which offer limited edition physical sneakers to lucky NFT holders looking to customize their 3D avatars in Metaverse.

sneak mart It has built a reputation as a community-driven mobile app for streetwear enthusiasts. The team plans to reinvest the revenues of the Metakicks NFT collection into the internationalization of the app, further opening the market to users around the world. In addition, the nature of NFTs offers a new paradigm by making digital and physical sneakers more accessible than ever before.

Many Opportunities at Metakicks

The launch of the Metakicks NFT collection is an exciting development in the sneaker industry. It is part of a broader initiative to bring fashion and accessories to the metaverse and bring more utility to non-fungible tokens. The Sneakmart team will incorporate long-term benefits into these assets, but a 10% chance of getting a pair of limited edition sneakers is an added bonus. Benefits include access to derivatives, exclusive access to offers, and more.

The Metakicks initiative also enabled a variety of collaborations that would not otherwise occur. The Sneakmart team has worked with famous football stars including Didier Drogba and Marco Verratti to create a unique one-on-one edition. This unique Metakick will be auctioned off before NFTs run out on the OpenSea platform.

Sneakmart is also working with brands and the Web3 community for additional 1:1 creations. The first collaboration with Savoir Faire Paris will feature a virtual NFT and a real Jordan 1 Off-White Coffee Latte. Blurring the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds is critical to this initiative and will satisfy many collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The physical aspect of this collection is Stock X, the world’s leading streetwear market. All 625 pairs of physical sneakers associated with the 6.250 Metakicks Mystery Box drop will be shipped internationally from StockX. Pairs included include the latest Jordan 1 High, Jordan 4, Adidas Yeezy 350 and more.

Also in collaboration with Travis Scott are two pairs of Jordan 1 Dior and two pairs of Jordans. Over $200,000 of physical sneakers will be distributed via the first Metakicks drop, available live on the Sneakmart website in June 2022.

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