SNL staff urges boycott of Dave Chappelle hosting gig

Anxiety appears to be lurking among the staff of NBC after comedian Dave Chappelle announced that he would be hosting a Saturday Night Live (SNL) this weekend.

Here’s everything you need to know.

SNL writers leave after Dave Chappelle is announced as the next host.

Page Six recently reported that SNL’s staff writers were outraged by the producer’s decision to rop Dave Chappelle as their next host.

What’s more, the staff are said to be sitting on the episode in retaliation.

An official said, ‘We are not going to do a show. But none of the actors boycott.’

Conversely, a Chapelle spokesperson claimed that Chapelle, 49, who attended a writers’ meeting earlier this week, had no signs of boycotting.

An official said, ‘The room was full of writers. They all came up with the idea and seemed very excited about it. Dave is looking for fun.’

Also, the upcoming show will be Chappelle’s third day on stage as the host of a long-running late-night comedy sketch in America.

If you don’t know, the staff is against the transphobic joke Chappelle shared in her 2021 Netflix special The Closer. For example, he deliberately passed on the wrong gender to his fellow comedians for laughs.

Beyond that, Chappelle’s hosting announcement came shortly after SNL made history when they announced Molly Kearney as their first non-binary cast member.

However, Kearney has yet to publicly comment on Chappelle’s upcoming gig on SNL.

Meanwhile, many celebrities have criticized Chapelle after making remarks aimed at the trans community.

Tera Field, a former Netflix executive, tweeted, “Wait, I thought I canceled him. Is it possible to cancel a culture that is not reality?’

In addition, SNL writer Celeste Lim shared her thoughts on this announcement through her Instagram story.

She said, ‘I’m transgender and non-binary. I use them/their pronouns. Transphobia is murder and should be condemned.’

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Netizens react to SNL host Dave Chapelle

Many social media users called the creators of the Saturday Night Live who allowed Dave Chappelle to host the show.

One user said, ‘It’s nice and normal for Chappelle to host SNL this weekend and we’re all fine.’

Another said, ‘Dave Chappelle has got a huge platform back on SNL and it’s time for non-trans people to tell me he’s not transphobic and defend him.’

Another said, ‘I love SNL. I’ve been a fan all my life. But having Dave Chappelle as a host is not a move. I’m disappointed.’


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