Sony Sudden Unveils Game-changing Ingenious Xperia 1 1V Smartphone

Sony just announced a new smartphone, the Xperia 1 IV, and it’s groundbreaking. The company is known for its camera sensor technology, which provides excellent camera phone sensors to many manufacturers. However, the new phone aims to overcome one big drawback of smartphone photography: the lack of optical zoom.

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With a normal camera, you can rotate the lens or press the lever to zoom in and out without losing resolution. There is a problem with the smartphone. Almost all smartphones have fixed focus lenses. The only way to get around this problem is with digital zoom (which quickly degrades the picture until it’s almost unusable) or multiple lenses.

Even multi-lens solutions have major limitations as full resolution is only possible at the native focal length of each camera. Adjustments in it again enter the realm of digital zoom.

So Sony’s new phone will be game-changing. The new phone has three cameras, one of which has a variable focal length of 85-125mm. That is equivalent to a 3.2x zoom compared to a standard 24mm lens, but can be adjusted beyond 5x.

Since 3x optical zoom is common, it’s really amazing that you can step up to 5x and do this without loss of image quality.

It’s not cheap. When the phone launches (September in the US and June 16 in the UK), it will cost $1,599 (£1,299 in the UK).

There’s nothing quite as unique as a true optical zoom, but there are other great new features.

All three 12MP cameras can shoot slow-motion video in Ultra HD quality. Another characteristic of Sony. It’s about making sure your subject’s face is precisely in focus with real-time eye autofocus. The 5,000mAh battery is enough to last the phone for a long time, and unlike other manufacturers, Sony has a 4K display in its premium phone. This is Sony’s preferred 6.5-inch display with a widescreen (21:9) aspect ratio. This definitely fits your hand more easily. Oh, and it has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 1st Gen processors.

The optical zoom itself makes a very interesting proposition, and while it’s far from affordable, Sony’s everyday impeccable build quality and elegant design make it very attractive.

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