Sony’s new OLED TVs are now available for pre-order in Europe

It’s Sony’s A95K Quantum Dot OLED TV line that is making all the headlines right now in the tech world, but in 2022 Sony’s more affordable generic OLED line will draw more attention to the increasingly limited bank accounts of many mainstream AV fans. is.

Sony has revealed more details about these new A90K and A75K OLEDs, including the fact that they are now available for pre-order in Europe and UK pricing.

The A90K represents the smallest of Sony’s 2022 OLED offerings, available in 48-inch and 42-inch screen sizes. The 42A90K is now confirmed to ship on July 11th and the 48A90K on June 20th, with both models priced at £1,899 and £1,799 respectively.

With native 4K resolution, support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR formats, Sony’s premium Cognitive Processor XR, flexible interactive stand and ‘one slate’ screen design and TV screen combine two large actuators to form an integrated subwoofer. A premium version of Sony Acoustic Surface Audio technology that produces sound.

The A90K also supports Sony’s Bravia Core streaming service along with high-bandwidth streaming quality. With the purchase of the A90K, you can exchange up to 10 movies in your Bravia Core library and stream unlimited other Bravia Core content for up to two years.

Gamers are likely to be particularly interested in the A90K range given its relatively small screen, so pre-orders for these TVs from Sony will immediately support 4K/120Hz and Sony’s Perfect PlayStation 5 features (you can learn more about it here) . Of course, the TV is perfectly capable of handling the latest features in PC and Xbox Series X gaming as well.

Meanwhile, the A75K offers fans of Sony’s OLED technology two larger screen options. The 65-inch version costs £2,799 and the 55-inch version costs £1,999. Both of these models are now confirmed to start shipping on June 15th.

Aside from the larger screen, the A75K differs primarily from the A90K in that it lacks the benefits of an interactive desktop stand and lacks a dedicated subwoofer to back up the two actuators used to sound the screen.

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