Spain’s minister allows minors to attempt abortions without parental consent

Spain’s Minister of Equality Irene Montero is finalizing the release of a rule that would allow minors aged 16 and over to have an abortion without parental permission.

Girls aged 16 and 17 can retry abortions without parental approval since the ban in 2015. Monterio, who wants to revert the rule to a rule enacted by the government in 2010, has argued that minor girls should not have abortions. Parental permission is required to have an abortion.

“You have a responsibility to make decisions about your body, just like you are working or having sex,” Montero told a Spanish newspaper earlier this week. El Mundo report.

“We cannot accept the fact that young women who find it very difficult to tell their parents that they are pregnant, especially women who have been sexually assaulted in a family setting, want an abortion,” Montero added.

The move is part of a broader reform on abortion in Spain, as well as a coalition agreement between the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, to which Montero belongs, and its far-left partner, Podemos.

Another aspect of the reform was a ban on protests outside abortion clinics across the country, where you could see people “annoying” people at abortion clinics.

People accused of molesting abortion clinics could be barred from entering the area around the hospital for six months to three years under the new rules.

Senator Jacobo Lovato of Spain’s populist party VOX criticized the new abortion law last month, saying, “I don’t regret being a mother, but I do it.” Raise your children with dignity.”

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