Spanish Grand Prix: Third Practice

Aston Martin made headlines on the ranch on Friday after accusing Red Bull of cloning their car and raising questions about whether it was done completely legally. That aside, it looked like a massive upgrade – which, to say the least – looked like a complete copy of Red Bull – looked promising as Sebastian Vettel finished fast in Friday’s eighth.

The four-time champion said: “I’m sure this is the way forward, but it’s the first day of launching a new car. There’s a lot to learn. It’s been great for that. We got into the top 10, which was bullish.

“I think it will be very tight. We cannot expect miracles yet. That’s a long way and we knew it wouldn’t make great strides right away. We left the windows open very early in the winter to acclimate to the car. We had a couple of concepts and we started with one and transitioned to the other.”

Chief Technology Officer Andrew Green said on Saturday:

“This car did not evolve in the middle of last month, but we started development in mid 2021. We worked for months to understand and develop this car. It is not copying without understanding. This was a truly independent development that reached very similar conclusions in certain areas of the automobile.”

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