Spotify Down After Taylor Swift’s Midnights Release?

Taylor Swift seemed to have ‘destroyed’ the internet with her tenth studio album, Midnights. She dropped her off at 5 AM GMT and recorded her life as she temporarily lost access to Spotify. Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, has certainly been a hit with fans awake until early hours to hear her record. Nevertheless, the music streaming giant Spotify seemed to go down in an instant as soon as the album was released, so fans were shocked, and many fans gasped. The vocalist has worked inconspicuously for the past two years, while re-recording her early six studio albums and releasing Folklore and Evermore during lockdown.

Now, Taylor Swift, 32, is returning to the music scene with 13 new tracks, delighting millions of loyal fans. Anyway, after checking out to hear about the release, shocked fans rushed to social media platforms to comment on Spotify’s inability to load. One Twitter user said: ‘Spotify shared a screenshot of the app after Taylor Swift’s new album #TSmidnightTS arrived, prompting her that something was wrong. Another cried while sending a similar message. YALL DONE BROKE SPOTIFY, #MidnightsTaylorSwift.

Taylor Swift fans complain that ‘Spotify is down’ after the app stopped working after the release of her 10th studio album Midnight.

Some Spotify users have taken to Twitter to whine that the music streaming phase Spotify is down. A lot of people think the app is not working because of the arrival of Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights. The Grammy Winner’s 10th studio album was recently released on streaming stages like Spotify and Apple Music. Nicknamed themselves Swifties, the Taylor Swift fandom has been frantically gearing up for the album’s release on October 21st. Anyway, by 12pm, the application started crashing when tons of Swifties logged into their Spotify accounts to listen to her new release.

Nevertheless, Spotify is actually down for the overwhelming majority of users. According to Down Detector, more than 8,000 users of the application have experienced detailed power outages in the last hour. Many users who have visited Twitter have detailed that Spotify’s search function is not working. You can always search for any reason on Spotify created by a puzzled user, organized by one user. I can’t find anything on Spotify rn, another whining. I know exactly why my third frustrated user said that my Spotify broke and couldn’t find the song I needed. A few fine-grained issues with Spotify’s browse feature guarantee that it won’t work. One individual said the app’s navigation feature stopped working on Spotify. Spotify’s browse function is broken and has one more user configured.

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