Spotify Jumps into Fashion and Launches Islands on Metaverse

Spotify Roblox.

The company’s new initiative aims to create a “sound heaven” that includes a rich interactive experience for users, as highlighted in a series of tweets written last week.

In this way, Spotify, today’s largest streaming music and podcast service, became the first company to explore the metaverse in this space. This was made possible thanks to Roblox, a highly successful open world MMO game that created virtual environments that allow users to develop and share experiences in this new arena.

In March, the platform was placed on the list of 528 Most Innovative Companies of the Year, thanks to initiatives focused on Web 3.0. Prior to Spotify, major global brands such as Nike, Ralph Lauren and Visa have already launched metaverse initiatives in partnership with games.

Spotify Island: What to do

Roblox users with access to Spotify’s island can do interactive missions to unlock exclusive content on the streaming platform. For example, you can collect heart icons scattered around and exchange them for prizes.

The new environment will also provide unique opportunities to interact with artists. It is also possible to create your own music tracks and beats powered by Soundtrap for those with technical knowledge.

A Spotify spokesperson said: “Through this interactive world, we are creating a place where fans can connect with each other, create new sounds, mingle in the digital space and access exclusive virtual products. Spotify Island is an audio oasis that has it all.”

Spotify is the latest major company to launch a metaverse-centric initiative thanks to its partnership with Roblox.

The island is divided into musical styles. For example, K-Park is a reference to K-pop. In the near future, fans of the Korean music genre will have the opportunity to interact with celebrities in this industry.

Finally, Spotify promises that artists and music producers can also benefit from the metaverse.

The company plans to give musicians the opportunity to create virtual goods and sell them to fans.

Will Disney be next?

Another global company paying attention to the metaverse is walt disney company. In a letter signed by CEO Bob Chapek, the company stated that it plans to explore the technology both in streaming service Disney+ and in theme parks around the world.

they “… As a media company we will use all the great things we have with Disney+ as a platform for the metaverse. But at the same time, we have something that no one else has. It is the physical world, the world of our park. So, if the metaverse is to mix physical and digital environments in one environment, who can do better than Disney?”

The CEO also emphasizes that the company’s future metaverse should not provide users with a “passive” experience. Instead, he will focus on Disney’s “aggressive and ambitious tech agenda.”

It seems more and more companies are starting initiatives in this market. Research shows that the metaverse market could grow to over $600 billion by 2030.

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