Spotify marks album release with 19th century style tapestries by Florence + The Machine.

Spotify celebrates the release of Florence + The Machine’s fifth studio album, immortalizing lead singer Florence Welch on 19th-century-style tapestries.

Welch features each of the three tapestry billboards that will be on display at the Dulwich Pictures Gallery for the next seven days and features Spotify’s album experience to celebrate. dance fever.

The hand-woven tapestry showcases the lyrical inspiration Welch found in Pre-Raphaelite art while writing for the album during London’s lockdown. dance fever It reflects aspects of life that Welch misses: dancing at clubs and festivals, and expressing creativity through art and movement.

Safiya Lambie-Knight, Head of Music for Spotify UK and Ireland, said: work out: “We didn’t want to make a standard billboard for this because content and creativity are so important and essential to the album content. So it’s also a way to reinvent it in an original way, and the album is central to the times.

“We wanted to make something meaningful for artists and we wanted to do something we’ve never done before. It’s at the core of what we do and how we collaborate with artists. Because creating content that’s authentic to artists is a more personal thing. It’s about providing a meaningful experience for both artists and fans. It’s at the heart of how we create content as a whole and how we work to further connect artists with audiences.”

Each tapestry is hand-woven in Canada and measures 2m x 2m wide. They will hang in the gardens of the Dulwich Picture Gallery, where Welch performed in 2017. QR codes are displayed on-site to guide visitors to Spotify. dance fever An album experience unique to a music streaming platform.

Videos of activation are being made for sharing on social channels, including behind-the-scenes stories showing the tapestry making process. It was important for Spotify to connect the dots and activate fans directly through social and platforms.

Lambie-Knight added: “The audience is everywhere and the way people consume music is different. Being able to do this gives me access to people in other spaces I never expected Spotify to be. And I think that’s really important. Especially when you have an artist like this who is creative and has a really clear vision for the project.

“I think what brings this album to life is a unique way to connect with fans and make them aware that the album has been released, that they can hear it on Spotify, and that we are connecting the dots outside of our platform. In my opinion, connecting the dots and creating content across social networks shows that this is important and is central to what we do and how we connect with artists.”

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