Spotify on Mac: The Ultimate Setup

I became a Spotify power user almost by accident. I have the Spotify app installed on my Mac, but I don’t use it that much. Instead, you control music playback using a set of third-party apps and devices that are much more convenient and powerful than using the Spotify app itself.

Next is to configure my ultimate Spotify settings. You don’t have to use all three components, each works great on its own.

MiniPlay for Spotify and iTunes

The first app is free: MiniPlay for Spotify and iTunesYou can download it from the Mac App Store by clicking the link.

Spotify doesn’t have a mini player view. So, if you’re listening to one of Spotify’s auto-generated playlists and your favorite song comes up, but you’re not sure, you’ll have to open the app to see which one it is.

MiniPlay provides a small, discreet app window on the desktop that displays the name and artist of the currently playing song, as well as basic play and skip controls. It’s a small app that stays open almost permanently on my desktop.

Alfred (using Spotify workflow)

Alfred is a well-known Mac app that can be described as a Spotlight search for steroids. It’s an incredibly powerful app, especially when you buy the Powerpack for $42 (£34).

Powerpack is required to install. Free Spotify Mini Player Workflow for Alfred. WARNING: This takes a bit of a geek. You should be familiar with entering terminal commands to do this, but there is a step-by-step installation guide at the link above.

Once installed, you can launch Alfred Spotify Mini-Player with a keyboard combo (mine is Ctrl + Command + S) and there is a very convenient way to search for songs, albums and playlists without opening Spotify itself. Helps keep the screen focus on what you are doing.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can do everything with keyboard shortcuts, so you can quickly change songs, albums or playlists without taking your finger off the keyboard.

Alfred Spotify Mini-Player also has tons of features. You can add songs to playlists, follow/unfollow artists, kickstart Spotify radio playlists from specific artists directly from the mini player, and easily access all saved tracks, albums and playlists from the interface. can. .

Alfred serves over a million different uses, but that’s the number one reason to install Spotify Mini-Player.

Stream Deck with Spotify Plugin

that much Elgato Stream Deck It’s one of my favorite kits. A dashboard of tactile, customizable buttons that you can use to control almost any app on your Mac (or Windows PC).

Stream Deck has a Spotify plugin that provides a variety of controls without the need for manual programming. Pretty basic controls like play/pause/back/forward/shuffle toggle and basic volume controls. However, it can still be very useful if you want to open a full-screen app (such as a game) on your Mac and want to control the music playing in the background.

The Stream Deck’s play/pause button changes with a thumbnail showing the album cover of the currently playing track. This is a nice touch.

You can also add more custom controls. For example, there are shortcuts to open the MiniPlay app mentioned above, and shortcut links to my favorite playlists, including Spotify Daily Mixes.


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