Star Trek icon Gregory Jean dies at 76

Model designer Gregory Jein, famous for Star Trek, has passed away. He is best known for his miniature models used in films and series for special effects. Although the talented designer passed away last month. News of his death came much later. However, the news of Jin’s death shocked everyone who knew him. But how did the designer die?

Star Trek designer Gregory Jean has passed away.

Star Trek icon Gregory Jean dies

Gregory Jein, best known for designing the Star Trek series, has passed away at 76. Yes, Jin died of cardiac arrest while battling health problems, including diabetes. He passed away on the 22nd of last month.

But news of his death came much later this month. According to Jane’s family, the news of his death did not come out for personal reasons. Meanwhile, his trip to heaven left a huge gap in the entertainment industry.

A Little About Gregory Jean

Gregory Jean was born on October 31, 1945. When he attended Audobon Middle School, Dorsey High School. His career began with creating miniatures for use with special effects in various series such as Gordon Flesh. His massive break came in Close Encounters of the Third Count. It was a sci-fi movie by Steven Spielberg.

One of his major works was the 1979 Star Trek film. This is where he was working on designing planetary models for the project. For a long time he was associated with the Star Trek franchise for his skills in meeting the needs of the franchise.

Netizens express their condolences over Gregory Jean’s death.

Gregory Jein and his design work have been part of many important series. One of his iconic works came from the Star Trek franchise. Now Jin no longer serves them.

But everyone who worked with him expressed his deepest condolences to his family, Jane. Meanwhile, netizens are pouring out articles in tribute to Gregory Jean through SNS. Sadly everyone will always miss Jein’s work, especially in the Star Trek franchise.

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