Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know So far

Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 1 was so successful that Disney updated it before the Season 1 finale. It was an amazing way Star Wars bridged some of the points between Part 1 and the prequel trilogy, and provided a well-founded perspective that focused on people rather than the scope of the massive struggle between the Jedi and the Sith. Current season 2 could affect a ton of future Stars Wars projects. Especially if Omega turns out to be force-sensitive, all things considered.

Star Wars fans and Star Wars: Clone Wars fans went crazy when the first season of Star Wars: Bad Batch appeared. The series expands on the group of clones featured in the final season of The Clone Wars, and the first season included fan favorites like Captain Rex and Star Wars: Rebels Hera Synduala. The next season of Bad Batch guarantees additional returning characters, including two you never thought you’d ever find in the future. So far, here’s everything we know about Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 2’s plot, trailer, cast, and release date.

Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date

The original poster announcing season 2 set a release date for fall 2022, but fortunately Disney+ announced a release date a few days after the trailer was delivered. Star Wars: Bad Batch releases September 28, 2022 and incorporates 16 episodes that will follow the Wednesday release pattern typically seen in other Star Wars shows. Likewise, it should be mentioned that the arrival of Bad Batch season 2 will kick off during Andor’s arrival and will benefit from the launch frame of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi.

As with all Star Wars content, this series is only available on Disney+. Fortunately, Disney+ has recently expanded its service to incorporate more countries, so anyone can access their favorite Star Wars content.


Just as we’re becoming mundane for the upcoming Star Wars content, Disney has released two separate trailers for the upcoming season. One was just released for attendees at the Star Wars Celebration, but we also got a public trailer on YouTube just days after it happened. The trailer released shows significant changes since last season.

Some of the more surprising is the return of Gungi, the Jedi Youngling introduced in Star Wars: Clone Wars. We can also see that Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch have changed their armor towards the family rather than focusing on the previous units. This is a touch that heralds the upcoming season.

Watch the trailer for Star Wars: Bad Batch season 2 below.


The cast of Bad Batch is somewhat limited, thanks to the outstanding professionalism of voice actor D. Bradley Baker. All clones are voiced by that person, so each of the five individuals in Bad Batch has the same individual voice. It sounds odd, but his ability to intrigue each clone with a variety of vocal patterns and details makes for incredible performance.

Michelle Ang will likewise reprise her role as Omega, Star Wars’ only female Django Pet clone. We’ve also seen Rhea Perlman reprise her role as the evil mercenary godmother Cid. While we can’t be reassured at this time, there are rumors that Ming-Na Wen will return for her role as Fennec Shand, and Dave Filoni as habitually expected.

Star Wars: Bad Batch
Credit: Disney+


Bad Batch season 1 had highs and lows, but in general it was an effective season. In any other case, by presenting a lot of fringe characters through cameos, we’ve laid out some important building blocks, and there’s plenty of room for Season 2 to advance that theme. For example, the whereabouts of Captain Rex and Gregor need further scrutiny, and the young Hera Syndula should appear. There is also room for other characters to appear in Season 2 characters like Boba Fett, Commander Cody or Commander Wolfe.

The last two episodes of season 1 were truly touching. The whole series is about how the Empire decided to phase out the clone troopers from their army, but in the last two episodes the Empire chooses to put the credit where the mouth was because Admiral Rampart annihilated the Tipoca City of Kamino. Anyway, the episode didn’t end there. The final scene was when Caminoan chief scientist Nala Se hesitated and appeared on an unfamiliar planet.

Many have speculated that she is on Mount Tantiss in the Wayland world. In Star Wars Legends, that’s where Palpatine kept all his Sith artifacts and clone offices. So even without the Kamino, Bad Batch might not end up being a clone. Season 2 will probably start laying the groundwork for Palpatine’s efforts to clone himself.

There are many directions that season 2 could take, but the essential reason is that it will continue as before. Clone Force 99 will flee the Empire in any case, and Crosshair pursues them across the galaxy. Many fans expected Crosshair’s reclamation by the end of season one, but it didn’t happen as they weren’t fully settled in serving the Empire.

Star Wars: Bad BatchStar Wars: Bad Batch
Credit: Disney+

Star Wars: Bad Batch Future

A potential third season of Star Wars: Bad Batch has not been confirmed at this time, but Disney is undoubtedly making it clear that Star Wars content creation is not slowing down. Lucasfilm’s imaginative director Dave, especially when assets are used in the show across all time periods, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and, surprisingly, some anthology series, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. It’s hard to imagine that Filoni will finish one of his #1 activities. carelessly.

The second season of Star Wars: Bad Batch is going to be another amazing season. This series has everything from Star Wars: Rebels to Star Wars: Republic Commando. What’s more, Bad Batch is making these connections, and still telling the candid stories of veterans finding this spot on Earth and teaching young women to maturity. Whether you’re a big fan of watching or reading each Star Wars project, or looking for a confident A-Team style to watch with your family, Star Wars: Bad Batch is a special show.

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