Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Proves You Still Have Knockout Punches But How Long Can Random Shooting Last?

Stefan Curry and Klay Thompson scored 59 points in 14 at-bat from three-pointers in the Golden State Series Final against Memphis on Friday. Thompson spent the day hitting 8 of 3 of 14 overall and 11 of 22. Curry hit 4 of 17 at one point before hitting a two dagger triple in the Warriors. Finally Get rid of the grizzly

But numbers need context. Curry didn’t do well. He finished with 29 points, and the fact that he didn’t handle the ball well and didn’t shoot most of the night is a testament to his all-time threat level. And in fact he actually shoots when he counts, but looking at Dallas or Phoenix in the conference finals, he’ll have to do better.

Same goes for Thompson, who was great on Friday but has been pushing for a shot for a while now. Thompson had to show 11 of 22 in game 6 to finish the series with over 40% on the field. He’s not the defender he used to be, and he places a lot more emphasis on his offensive contribution.

Curry, meanwhile, can’t find a shot of his own, except for a few box runs. He went 17 and six in three on Friday, finishing the Memphis Series 32% and 41% overall. This is the worst postseason shooting of his career, followed by the worst regular season shooting of his career.

As I wrote earlier this week, Curry’s shooting struggle helped reinforce just how great a player he is. He still posted five 30-point games in the playoffs. Only Giannis Antetokounmpo has more so far. He hit 29 on Friday. He is such a victorious player. Even when his shot doesn’t go in, he continues to dribble and attack, keep off the ball, keep hunting for shots, and give everyone an advantage. James Harden deserves attention.

But at some point, as the postseason progresses, you’ll think these shots should start. It’s hard to imagine the Warriors beating the Suns or the Mavericks with Thompson and Curry shooting inconsistently. Especially since there is no elite defense to lean on anymore.

It is now blank. The Warriors survived both rounds, starting the match 0-0 with their next opponent. Curry and Thompson can leave this whimsical set aside and heat up at the right time, and if they do, the Warriors can beat anyone. However, we have yet to see evidence that they can consistently invoke old magic.

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