Steve Aoki behaves nonchalantly after being offstage in Hollywood, Florida.

DJ Steve Aoki has had a lot of ups and downs lately. While a DJ was performing at a nightclub in Florida, he was so wild that he accidentally fell off the stage.

TMZ reported that the prominent music producer hit the floor at the DAER nightclub in Hollywood, Florida on Sunday night, May 8.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Steve Aoki fell off the stage in Hollywood, Florida

A video of Steve Aoki falling off the stage is circulating on the Internet.

In the clip, we can see Aoki go crazy with the crowd as he performs his set on stage. On his way back to the DJ booth, he accidentally slipped and fell heavily off the stage.

Two bodyguards of a Japanese-American music producer immediately rescued him. But the 44-year-old DJ got up again.

Aoki went back to the turntable and continued playing the set of music, proving that he was a believer in the phrase ‘the show must go on’. Nevertheless, he fell and was not seriously injured.

Aoki performed at the F1 After-Party hosted by Celebrity Sports Entertainment. Dennis Rodman, Sommer Ray, Vernon Davis, as well as Shaggy and several other celebrities were in attendance.

Prominent boxer Ryan Garcia was also among the other attendees at the event. Aoki invited him to a showdown on stage. Aoki throws cake at the boxer and pranks him.

other cases

This isn’t the first time Steve Aoki has been in an accident. He accidentally injured a fan during a concert in 2012.

According to the BBC, a woman named Brittany Hickman attended Aoki’s concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego. During the show, producers crowdsurfed the audience with the help of an inflatable boat that broke Hickman’s neck. She also suffered a concussion.

The victim sued him and the place for $10.7 million.

Representatives of the Waste It On Me hitmaker quickly apologized to Hickman.

They also said that ‘after a confidentiality agreement was reached, there was an opportunity to speak and Steve was given the opportunity to apologize’.

Aoki assured fans that future events would be much safer.

According to Aoki’s official website, the music producer will perform at the Feria de Puebla for their next gig. Later on, he will host a few other major events until the final date at the Wake Giant Festival 2022 in September.


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