Steven Crowder was banned from YouTube after an interview with Kari Lake.

Steven Crowder banned YouTube for weeks in a recent interview with politician Kari Lake. Steven is a popular YouTuber and podcast host. His latest episode with Kari Lake is going viral on social media. However, the interview episode was removed from YouTube. But why did that happen in an interview with Kari Lake?

Read ahead to learn more about Steven Crowder’s interview with Kari Lake. Steven has been banned from YouTube for weeks.

Who is Kari Lake?

Kari Lake is a 52-year-old woman who worked as an anchor for Fox 10 News in Phoenix. There she worked for 22 years until she quit in 2021. Since then, she has made plans to get involved in politics. When she runs for governor of Arizona.

This time Lake takes on Katie Hobbs. Hobbes is the Arizona State Secretary of State. Rake’s career as a journalist was not good, so he decided to enter politics. Because she has her own ideas of dealing with her own local issues. Meanwhile, she recently appeared on Steven Crowder’s show to talk about her own role.

Steven Crowder’s Interview with Carrie Lake

The Louder with Crowder host Steven was recently in attendance to interview Republican Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake. Lake came out to share her thoughts on her running for governor. In an interview with Crowder, Lake said she was willing to dig deeper into the scams that took place in the 2020 presidential election.

She also shared about the issue of illegal immigration and how drug cartels are on her radar. She also wants to work on homelessness and drug addiction. Thus, Crowder and Kari Lake’s interview went viral on social media. However, YouTube had problems with the episode.

YouTube Removes Kari Lake and Crowder Episodes And Bans Hosts

After posting an interview with Kari Lake and Steven Crowder, the duo’s episode was removed from YouTube. According to YouTube, it violated some guidelines. Additionally, Steven Crowder was banned from posting content on YouTube for two weeks.

So viewers are waiting for Steven to talk about his ban. On his Twitter, Crowder said he had put a ban on what Kari Lake said about election integrity. However, Crowder denounced the activity on YouTube, saying he’ll be talking about it again live on the Rumble and Mug Club at 10am EST/7am PST.

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