Steven Gerrard v AC Milan The 2005 Champions League Final is one of the best individual matches of all time.

On this day in 2005, Liverpool Since then, they have recorded one of the biggest victories in their history. Steven Gerrard Gather your teammates together for an unforgettable victory in Istanbul.

It was a nightmare start for the Rafael Benitez team as a goal from Hernan Crespo and a rare goal from Paolo Maldini gave AC Milan a three-goal advantage in halftime.

A lot of people thought this was a match, a set, a match, but as we all know, the match was tied as Steven Gerrard’s bullet header made the score 3-1 and six minutes later Vladimir Šmicer and Xabi Alonso made Liverpool fans go wild. It was.

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Liverpool won the game on penalties and the results will be on the record, but it was Gerrard’s performance against the Italian giants that made the real difference.

He called up his army when all hope was lost and headed that important header in the second half to start the game that would be the greatest comeback in Champions League history.

Check out his individual highlights below.

What many people don’t know is that Gerrard’s passionate halftime team talk has given his team hope.

Liverpool lost 3-0 at the time, but the midfield wasn’t over yet. He gave a heartfelt speech, urging all coaching staff to leave the locker room.

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse will tell the rest.

“I will never forget Steven Gerrard’s team talk at halftime in the 2005 Champions League final,” he told RMC Sports.

“Benitez comes into the dressing room and he gives the coaching speech that we must not give up and we have to score quickly.

“Steven got up and told all the coaching staff to leave the locker room. He said he wanted to be alone with the players. The physical therapists and staff who were treating the players also left.”

“Stevie got up and said that Liverpool are all he has, his club, all he ever knew and he didn’t want to be the laughing stock of Champions League history.

“He says if we respect him and love him as captain, we have to dust it off and return to the game.

“He scored the first goal and got the penalty. He has an amazing second half and he finishes the game with a right-back. He has a crazy game but that halftime speech will forever remain in my heart.”

Shortly after scoring the goal, Gerrard raised his hand to seek travel assistance. This is typical of what Gerrard aspires to be as a player.

He had his heart set on every match, but this final was different. You can see it in his eyes.

The Istanbul miracle was completed when Rafael Benitez’s team won the penalty shootout. It was a day like no other and Steven Gerrard played a pivotal role.


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