Stockton rapper Young Slo-Be shot dead in Manteca

Rapper Young Slo-Be was shot and killed in Manteca on the morning of August 5. He was 29 years old.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Young Slo-Be was shot and killed.

CBS News reported that a man was shot on Friday morning near West Center Street and Trevino Avenue. Police arrived at the scene around 8 am and found the body of the deceased.

Furthermore, the victim was identified as Disean Victor, popularly known as Young Slo-Be at the San Joaquin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The tragic news was confirmed by Tyres Johnson, operations manager at Tizzler On The Roof.

The agency has been promoting the rapper’s activities since 2020.

The statement read, ‘Relax Young Slo-Be. We are horrified to announce this morning that rising star @youngslobe2100 has been shot and killed.’

Johnson said, ‘We knew early on that his work ethic and his attention to his artistry would take him very far.’

He added, “I had high expectations for Youngslovie’s move and looked forward to doing more wonderful works together.”

The message said, “It was an honor to be with Slobbi for the past two years, and my heart aches to say goodbye. Our hearts are heavy and our condolences go to his family and loved ones.”

Who Was Young Slo-Be?

Young Slo-Be was an up-and-coming rapper from Stockton, California.

One of his tracks, I Love You, got a lot of attention on social media when it became a trend on TikTok. Users of the site danced and lip synced to the song in seconds.

He has over 90,000 fans across social media platforms.

Fans mourn Youngslovie’s death

Youngslovie’s fans quickly posted a message on social media, expressing their regret over the unfortunate news. Many people were shocked and upset by this incident.

One fan said, ‘He rapping about the streets. He was basically how… he was the same struggle growing up here.’

Another said, ‘He was very humble about the community as a whole. So many people liked him. Many people liked him. Because…he never tried to act like he was better than anyone else.’

Someone said, ‘He seems to have too much potential. He was like an up-and-coming artist. He could have been something much bigger.’

Another fan said, ‘My weekend is ruined. They took Young slo B.’

Another fan also pointed out, ‘Why are you taking the young slo’?



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