Stray Kids reveals trailer for ‘MAXIDENT’ and confirms comeback in 2022

Popular boy group Stray Kids is making a comeback with a new song ‘Maxident’. Trailers for the song have also been shared on social media, and fans are excited to see the band make a comeback. The band is expected to arrive in October of this year. Because they soon announced the release date of their song.

Read ahead to learn more about Stray Kids and the arrival of their new song Maxident.

Stray Kids releases new song trailer

Stray Kids has been steadily gaining popularity among fans since their formation in 2018. The boy band also put on great performances and songs. But their fans have missed the band for quite some time. But now they’re excited because fans have hinted at when they’ll be able to get them back.

Recently this week, Stray Kids released a trailer for the new song, which was released when fans could see the group again as a masterpiece. Yes, the boy band is ready to release a new song and a release date has been set.

Stray Kids comeback with new song ‘Maxident’

At midnight on September 6, boy group Stray Kids released a new song trailer. The release date of the new song was also announced. The only thing that cannot be left out is the band that released the mini album ‘ODDINARY’ this year. The title song was ‘MANIAC’.

But now, after the release of the album in March, MAXIDENT is waiting for all fans. From the two-minute video trailer for the upcoming song. As you can see, the band members are doing different things in different cities. With the trailer, you may not understand what the song is about. But fans expect surprises from them again.

JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images

MAXIDENT scheduled to be released in October

According to MAXIDENT’s recent trailer. The song is expected to arrive in October. You can receive it on October 7th this year. The release time of the song is 1 PM (KST).

Moreover, the expectations of boy group fans are increasing with this new song. Because the band has had hit songs in the past as well. So this time, fans will be expecting something more diverse and better.

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