Sunny Laprad explains TikTok video and Deadname controversy

Sunny Laprad’s TikTok controversy has been making headlines on the internet as she asks everyone not to use her pseudonym. Well, everyone who knows about her Sunny Laprad should know about her and the transition she went through. But she doesn’t seem to like seeing her name everywhere. But what exactly is Deadname?

Read ahead to learn more about Sunny Lapade. Hope not everyone mentions her name.

What is Dead Name?

The word “deadname” may be unfamiliar to some of you. However, it is said to be a real name given to someone within the trans and non-binary community. Among them, they prefer to have a different name after conversion. It is more connected with the present identity.

However, it is said to be a case of using a transgender pseudonym. Then they don’t respect them. According to psychiatrist Jason Lambrese, MD, naming them can make you more immersed in the negative times of your life.

Sunny Laprade Posts TikTok Videos to Users

Popular TikTok star and comedian Sunny Laprad recently posted a video about Dead Naming on her TikTok. She went on to say how some users search for her name in the comments section and use it as a joke.

@sunnylcomedy This video is no excuse to guess my name! #awkward #transgender #transwoman #dead name #pre-conversion #implementation #selected name #trans ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

In the video, she said, “So if you feel the need to guess my name as a joke in my TikTok comments, don’t do it, but if you absolutely have to, at least do a Google search to make sure you didn’t get it right by mistake. Please.” Laprade’s video went viral and garnered thousands of views.

More about Sunny Laprad

TikTok has all kinds of communities supporting each other in the app. There’s Sunny Laprade, a transgender woman whose talents have also made her a huge hit on the app. Sunny is an American comedian best known for her Paranormal Caught on Camera.

She is also known for her New York Comedy Club show. Her huge fan-followers come from the queer community. This is because most of her content is focused solely on them. She has many users to support on TikTok and social media platforms.

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