Survivors of the Surfside Condo collapse have reached a settlement amounting to nearly $1 billion.

Survivors of a condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, have reached an interim settlement worth close to $1 billion, lawyers confirmed to CBS News on Wednesday. The settlement still needs to be approved by the courts, but due to the fast schedule, the settlement was reached in record time, lawyers added.

On June 24, Surfside celebrates the first anniversary of the catastrophic collapse of Champlain Towers South, which claimed 100 lives. 98 residents Hundreds more were left with no homes or belongings left. If the courts and all parties make a final decision, Wednesday’s class action settlement will go to the families of victims and survivors of the collapse.

Attorney Harley Tropin said the $977 million settlement was an unusual outcome that exceeded his expectations. While these large cases usually take five to six years, the expedited trial by judges allows them to be resolved quickly. added.

Florida state legislators have yet to introduce legislation to address the most serious lessons learned from the collapse of Champlain Towers South on Surfside in June.

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According to attorney Eric Hockman, either party can sign a class action settlement by Friday, which will cost more than $1 billion.

One of the worst building collapses in US history, the Surfside condo collapse is still being investigated by the National Institute for Standards and Technology. The investigation is expected to last at least a year, but lawsuits brought by Surfside residents allege that the building needs repairs and has been weakened by the construction of Eighty Seven Park, a luxury condominium under construction next door.

The defendants related to AT7’s Park denied negligence or wrongdoing. report. In March, the plaintiff settled the case, and a judge ruled that the $83 million settlement would be distributed to those who lost their property in the collapse.

Identification of the last victim of the surfside condo collapse in Florida


Monday Miami Herald won He won the Pulitzer Prize for his work on the Surfside collapse.

“As a newsroom, we put our hearts and minds into breaking news and continuing daily reports and follow-up coverage of the story of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium,” said Monica Richardson, editor-in-chief of the Miami Herald. Press down. “It has become our story because the people and families of Surfside who have been affected by this unimaginable tragedy are a part of our community.”


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