Symbiosis Consolidates 1″ to Find Best Price for Cross-Chain Swap

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Multi-Chain Liquidity Protocol symbiosis Incorporates a 1-inch DEX aggregator to facilitate the swapping of arbitrary assets between EVM-compatible networks.

As the Symbiosis protocol manages a pool of stablecoin liquidity and routes transactions through existing DEXs, 1-inch routers work on both the source and destination chains, so partnerships are essential to provide the best possible price to end users.

Best price for any token exchange. 1 inch is the best solution and you can see a significant difference, especially for large volumes. very excited!

Will, Co-Founder Symbiosis

Prior to this, the Symbiosis team had been using a routing protocol they developed in-house, and the move to 1-inch proved to be a big improvement during the launch of Near and Solana, the first non-EVM Terras the team plans to launch in May. After a while.

Symbiosis launched a beta mainnet in March. In addition to jumping into non-EVM, the team behind the protocol oversees the great potential of various L2s with Boba, the first team that has recently been integrated.

About Us

Symbiosis is a decentralized multi-chain liquidity protocol that allows users to perform all crypto token swaps across multiple blockchains with a single click. Currently, the protocol supports 5 networks: Boba, BNB Chain (formerly BSC), Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, and more networks will be expanded in the future. Their main goal is to address two issues of interoperability and provide a user-friendly experience.

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