SZA rejoins Doja Cat for long-awaited track ‘Shirt’

SZA heralds the upcoming single Shirt/Bloodstain with Doja Cat during a weekend show at the Wireless Fest in London.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Another single collaboration with SZA and Doja Cat

SZA clearly knows how to entertain fans while waiting for the rapper to release their second year album.

While performing at the show, CTRL took the stage to unveil her highly anticipated single, Shirt/Bloodstain. Here comes Doja Cat too.

SZA said, ‘It’s a hint that we’ve already sang together. Her name starts with a D.’

She performed at the Mad Cool Festival last night, further heightening the reaction of the audience.

The musician said to the roaring audience, “Do you want to know the secret? Want to know everyone who is in this song? It’s like our secret, right? The hint is that we already have a song together. Her name starts with a ‘D’ and rhymes with Soulja.’

SZA previously worked with Doja on last year’s hit single Kiss Me More.

The iconic duo won a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

The singer of Planet Her, who won their first Grammy together, told SZA, ‘You are everything to me. You are amazing. You are the epitome of talent. You are a lyricist. You are everything.’

SZA proposes a new single shirt for 2020.

SZA released the first teaser for her new song Shirt, sharing part of the song on her Instagram Story in late 2020.

She also posted song snippets on her TikTok account, which took over the platform in a short period of time.

The song became even more popular after users showed it off in a dance challenge on the site.

She additionally includes clips of her upcoming song in the last few seconds of the Good Days music video.

In the video, SZA is pole dancing to an unreleased track.

Also, in a 360-degree In Bloom performance for Gray Goose, the singer got a minute peek at her new track.

SZA sings ‘Blood on my shirt/New b-h on my nerves’ on the track. “Old n—curved/ retracing my words/ damn, bh, you like 30.’

SZA goes on to say ‘steal all my worth/still question my affections/let all of you stay in my mind/make me look so desperate.’



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