Talking Tech: It’s finally time to say goodbye to the iPod.

Dear Talking Tech readers, it’s Thursday. Brett Molina is back this week with new tech headlines.

Tuesday was the end of an era at Apple. tech giant The last iPod was discontinued., iPod touch. This device, which looks like an iPhone with no real phone parts, is available “until stock lasts”.

Personally, I will always remember those early iPod commercials. you know, Advertisement with silhouette dancing behind a colorful background As earbuds to match the bright white iPod? After seeing new songs and silhouettes dancing, I knew there was going to be a new iPod.

My first iPod was the iPod Shuffle. Of course, because Apple products are expensive and we had to wait for the iPod to hit $100.

Even without a screen, the Shuffle was well worth it. You can hold many songs in a gum-shaped device. In the era of the CD Walkman, the reaction back then to Shuffle and MP3 players wasn’t too far off. Ron Swanson of Parks and RecreationAfter a colleague puts all of his music on his iPod: “Tom put all my records in this rectangle! Play them one by one. This is a great rectangle!”

But now my square doesn’t play music. It’s also a phone, messaging tool, email client, and basically what my family believes in is a little supercomputer that I think is permanently attached to my body.

But most of us will never forget the iPod.

What else has happened in the tech world?

The latest from Elon Musk. Tesla and SpaceX billionaire and CEO said when the deal to acquire Twitter was approved: He will lift the permanent ban on former President Donald Trump..

New Tech Laws in Texas. The law allows all state residents His political views banned from social media platforms to sue.

Two answers in Wordle every day? Yeah, happened again this week. double.

Ro vs Wade and Online Privacy. Potential Decisions Overturning Groundbreaking Judgments Raising concerns about abortion rights and data privacy.

Thursday’s Tech Tips

Fun fact you may not have known: Your smartphone is also a very handy scanner. Here How to use your smartphone to digitize text or sign a form.

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