Tampa Season 2 Sale Canceled: Everything We Know

According to Page Six, several cast members believe that racism played a part in the decision not to renew Selling Tampa for a second season. Juawana Colbert, a cast member of the show, explains that the very thing we are showing is not what it was in the first season. It seems like we weren’t given a second chance just because we referred to it as a minority woman. Selling Tampa debuted on Netflix in December 2021. The cast consisted entirely of women of color, Colbert, Settlement Reeves, Anne-Sophie Petit, Tennille Moore, Karla Giorgo, Rena Frazier, Alexis Williams, and Shareelle Rosado. Allure Realty is the company at the center of the show.

We hear the women pondered whether or not the show would be picked up for a second season for nearly a year, and sources say they were possessed. The insider, who requested anonymity, said Page Six received “hundreds” of DMs “every day” from fans seeking information on the cast for another season, but was at a loss as to what to say. Then, at that point, it became known to Adam DiVello, creator of the “Selling” facility that simply merged “Selling Sunset” and “Selling OC” last week, and creator Skyler Wakil asked the cast to bounce off Zoom. Call where they got the cat out of the bag. Adam DiVello said explicitly. [the decision] Colbert, 41, says he’s connected to the numbers but has never provided any additional information. I couldn’t tell if he was looking at ratings figures or budget figures. He just said numbers.

Netflix cancels Tampa sales after one season, cast accuses racism over overt decision

Tampa Sales have not been renewed for a second season. On Friday, November 11th, it was revealed that Selling Sunset’s side project, the Netflix real estate-based series, had been removed from streaming. Set in Florida’s Sun Coast, Selling Tampa follows Allure Realty, a black women-only real estate company claimed by military veterinarian Sharelle Rosado who has decided to dominate the Tampa market. The cast additionally included Alexis Williams, Anne-Sophie Petit, Province Reeves, Juawana Williams, Karla Giorgio, Rena Frazier, and Tennille Moore. Following the news, one of the cast members made a statement about canceling the series, believing that racism influenced the decision-making process. when they show us [black women] From a different perspective – while we bicker, fight, and taunt – they get Season 2 and Season 3. But that’s not what we showed you. Juawana told Page Six.

Huawana added that it seems we didn’t get a second chance. Juawana said creators Adam DiVello and creator Skyler Wakil of the Selling establishment, which integrated Selling Sunset and Selling OC, requested a cast bounce on a Zoom call that broke the cancellation news. Adam made it clear [the decision] Juawana claimed to be associated with numbers, but provided no additional data. I couldn’t tell if he was looking at the rating figures or the financial plan figures. He just said the numbers. She added that, according to Juawana, she is convinced that her numerical excuses are not confirmed and that she and the rest of her cast are held to norms or evaluation assumptions that she does not justify. When it comes to minority shows from all minority cast individuals, we usually have lower numbers because numbers are prime. [of the population] Overall, Juawana said. Streaming service Netflix has yet to publicly disclose the reason for the cancellation of Selling Tampa. Netflix has also stopped 17 other shows this year as well.

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