Targeted at ‘Central Park Karen’, Birdwatcher hosts his own National Geographic show.

The black birdwatcher who made headlines for her confrontation with a white woman in Central Park in 2020 has now landed on her TV show.

Christian Cooper will soon appear on National Geographic as a presenter in the Bird Watching series. special bird, Channels released this week.

An airing date has not been set, but the show will take viewers into “a world of wild, surprising and unpredictable birds,” the channel said.

“You can brave the stormy waters of Alaska for a puffin, trek into the rainforests of Puerto Rico for a parrot, or extend the legs of Manhattan for a peregrine falcon.” “He does everything it takes to learn about this extraordinary feathered creature and show us the amazing world of heaven.”

In May 2022, Cooper famously accused a white woman for walking her dog in a sanctuary in New York’s largest park, where she was birdwatching.

Amy Cooper (not related) was nicknamed “Central Park Karen” after a scene was filmed threatening to report Mr. Cooper to the police. She was later charged with filing false police reports before her charges were dropped last year.

“I don’t think there is any African American who has never experienced this in America,” Cooper said. Washington Post at that time.

The confrontation occurred the same day that another black man, George Floyd, was killed by police in Minneapolis. The murder has sparked protests across the United States against police brutality.

Cooper has since completed racial prejudice training, and her therapist said it was “a touching experience” for the woman who was fired by her employer in court last year. She later sued her former employer in a racial discrimination court.

Social media users congratulated National Geographic’s announcement, as one man said, “That’s a good karma.”

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