Taylor Swift fans theorize about Niceboy Ed’s identity.

Mysterious musician Niceboy Ed catches the attention of all Swift fans. Well, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular and beloved singers. She has no doubts about her fame. Like this, her fans are curious about the Nice Boy Ed, which is receiving everyone’s attention, and the reason is interesting.

Read ahead to learn more about Taylor Swift fans curious about the mysterious musician Niceboy Ed.

Taylor Swift’s TikTok Gets Niceboy Ed In The Spotlight

Aside from Taylor Swift’s good music, what fans expect of the singer is to drop Easter eggs. Often accompanied by her songs or music. Well, recently when her song “Midnights” caught everyone’s attention. One thing we couldn’t miss was her TikTok.

@Taylor Swift Midnight making 🌌 #TS MidnightTS #swifttalk ♬ The life you lead – niceboy ed

Swift’s TikTok was about her clips in the studio while making Midnights. She did not use her own songs in her videos. But instead there was Niceboy Ed’s song “Life You Lead”. raising eyebrows.

Who is Niceboy Ed?

Niceboy Ed was mainly in the spotlight after his song “Life You Lead” came out on Taylor Swift’s TikTok. Few people know about him, though. He has two songs under his name, one of which has been featured on Taylor’s TikTok. His other song is “Heaven”. Both came out in 2022 only.

Meanwhile, his social media doesn’t say much about the musician. All that was available was a picture of a boy with blonde hair and a yellow T-shirt. However, the musician is definitely attracting a lot of attention after his affair with Taylor Swift.

Niceboy Ed’s Fan Theory

Fans of Taylor Swift know everything about the singer hinting at her music. But Niceboy Ed’s song got Swift’s fans to say a lot about Niceboy Ed. Some of them believe that Ed is none other than Joe Alywn. For all those who don’t remember Joe Alywn. He collaborated with Swift under the name of William Bowery.

Many Swift fans believe that the photo of the kid on Niceboy Ed social media is Joe Alywn. Because the kids look a lot like Joe. Moreover, Taylor has also praised Joe’s musical talent.

Not only that, despite some who believe Niceboy Ed is a male artist. Some people theorize that Niceboy Ed is Taylor Swift himself.

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