Tbitex: One of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges

Tbitex registered in the US Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform Currently offering OTC dotAnd futures trading Officially launched in February 2021 for 15 derivative pairs with a maximum leverage of 100x, Tbitex has experienced tremendous growth and currently boasts over 500,000 registered users in 20 countries and territories worldwide.

tvtex is With extensive experience in technical services, product design and risk management. Tbitex is the first platform to offer separate futures positions and fully compensate for unusual losses caused by extreme market fluctuations, technical glitches or excessive slippage.

Crypto Journey by Tbitex Founder Steven Li

CEO and Founder of Tbitex, Steven Li started his career in the financial industry and spent 4 years as a senior trader at HSBC. There, he managed AUM and designed a dedicated trading system that improved 100% responsiveness. Steven was also responsible for trading stocks, futures and ETFs with his team. This experience gave him a better understanding of the market and tools.

Steven first encountered blockchain technology in 2017 and was immediately excited about the trading opportunity. He immediately understood that this core underlying technology could disrupt the entire world of traditional finance, giving anyone financial freedom. Later, Steven decided to get involved and started working for TRON and other blockchain companies.

Steven developed a vision for the future of cryptocurrency trading with Tbitex.

Getting involved in the blockchain space has completely revolutionized Steven.A perspective on finance and the systems it creates. He realized that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies would transform the financial industry and drive digital transformation. In 2021, he started building Tbitex to allow users to easily and conveniently conduct spot trading and play with derivatives. With the help of many seasoned traders, Steven has integrated creative trading concepts into Tbitex, providing users with a professional yet intuitive trading experience.

TVtex – we built the worldIt is the ultimate trading tool that democratizes access to investment opportunities and gives everyone the potential to achieve financial success.”

TVtex leading the industry

Tbitex focuses on providing its users with an excellent and consistent user experience. With security as a top priority, the Tbitex team is constantly working to ensure the highest level of safety in the world to provide a worry-free trading experience regardless of market conditions.

Tbitex has a self-developed matching engine with very high liquidity, allowing for flexible trading strategies. Tbitex also offers an ‘independent position mode’ feature and 10 other innovative trading types that make trading much easier.

Tbitex puts security first

Security is one of the platforms.of the core development principles. Tbitex is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to offer full compensation for abnormal losses, including abnormal insertions (fat fingerings), slips of more than 0.3%, and losses due to network anomalies or outages. Tbitex also provides 24-hour multilingual online support service. One-on-one VIP customer support as well as help with online troubleshooting.

The platform also offers the highest level of wallet security on the market, with hot wallets and cold wallets that require two manual review offline signatures to ensure that your assets remain protected at all times.

2022 TV TEX

Currently, Tbitex is starting to expand into the European market, adding more features to facilitate European requirements. The company also plans to work with key industry players to bring exciting new products and features to platforms such as Copy Trading and Financial Management.

Looking into the future, Tbitex will continue to build a world-class ecosystem to provide a safe, simple and comprehensive trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. Make crypto transactions accessible to everyone and everyone.

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