TCG World collaborates with JPiC to support Shark Tank to co-host Metaverse Expo 2022 in Las Vegas

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Metaverse Expo 2022 is a three-day event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from July 8-10, 2022, bringing together entrepreneurs, industry experts and crypto enthusiasts from the Metaverse, gaming and NFT space.

Featuring a range of exhibitors, Metaverse Expo 2022 will feature key speakers and panelists, including motivational speaker Agon Hare from the Project Nightfall Organization, academic professor and TEDx speaker Justin Goldston, PHD.

Metaverse Expo covers topics within the Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain. These include:

• Introduction to Blockchain

• Introduction to cryptocurrencies and digital assets

• A.I

• Introduction to Metaverse

• Metaverse architecture

• Digital Fashion and Technology

• Business and Web3 Economy

• Metaverse Entrepreneurship

• Decentralized Finance

• esports and blockchain games

• Understanding the power of the metaverse

• Rediscovering education in the metaverse

• Blockchain-based metaverse application

The three-day event will take place at the renowned Las Vegas Convention Center and will include on-stage panel discussions, live performances, virtual land and NFT giveaways, as well as the opportunity to network with a range of high-value industry professionals.

Exhibitors can choose from booth packages in three sizes: Diamond (30’x30′), Platinum (20’x20′) and Gold (10×10), including 20 complimentary tickets for their team and space to present at the event. also included. Metaverse Expo 2022 booth registration can be done through the website.

TCG World, one of the largest open world metaverse projects currently under development on Binance Smart Chain, and has recently started giving some users alpha access. Everything inside TCG World is NFT owned, including virtual lands, cars, pets, and even player avatars.

co-host JPIC It is a company dedicated to organizing the first jigsaw puzzle international convention and will not only operate in conjunction with Metaverse Expo 22, but also offer free admission to individuals who purchase tickets to Metaverse Expo 22. JPiC recently appeared on Shark Tank in Malta and secured a record €200,000 investment from Shark Tank investor Alexander Fenech for a 15% stake in the Jigsaw Puzzle Convention business.

The three-day event attracts over 6000 visitors from all over the world. Tickets for Metaverse Expo 22 and Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention can be found on the official website.

About Us

TCG World is an online open world virtual gaming experience where players can earn TCG Coin 2.0, collect NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create and explore game worlds, control their own online business, or just enjoy. is. TCG World has introduced a new approach to making NFTs more than just works of art. Players can now bring NFTs into the game world and play. Everything a player owns in the metaverse is an NFT, including real estate, vehicles, pets, trophies, and even player avatars.

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