Ted Cruz talks about ‘toxic femininity’ and Pete Davidson and wonders ‘how can that dude get everything like a sexy woman’?

  • Ted Cruz says former “SNL” actor Pete Davidson doesn’t understand how to date “hot girls.”
  • Cruz also mentioned Davidson and Kate Beckinsale’s previous relationship. “Really? ‘SNL’ friend?”
  • This comment was part of the “The Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast on “Toxic Femininity”.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked: Former SNL actor Pete Davidson Get “All This, Hot Woman” in a recent podcast episode of “The Verdict with Ted Cruz.”

Cruz’s co-host Michael Knowles read an audience question asking Cruz about “toxic femininity” in part of a podcast posted on Thursday.

“The Women’s March was this weekend. We’re seeing women like Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Megan Markle, Kim Kardashian. Is it time we start talking about poisonous femininity?” I read the question.

When Cruz talked about Kardashian “looks fine”, Knowles replied that he was “Team Kanye,” and Cruz started sharing his thoughts on Davidson.

“Pete Davidson, okay, how does that dude get all this like a sexy girl?” Cruise asked.

Knowles replied with a smile. “Senator, because of the poisonous femininity. That’s proof that something is wrong.”

“Pete Davidson was dating Kate Beckinsale,” Cruz said. “I mean, you’re talking about ‘Underworld’. Are you talking like a super hot vampire in a black leather trench coat? And ‘really? ‘SNL’ dude? Wow.'”

Cruz mentioned the vampire role in Beckinsale’s 2003 “Underworld”. Beckinsale and Davidson short date for one month in 2019.

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