Texas Attorney General urges teachers to arm after Uvalde massacre

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has repeatedly called for disarming teachers after at least 12 children and one teacher were killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Yuvalde, Texas.

Paxton made the remarks after police shot down Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old man who opened fire at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, killing 15 people.

The Texas Attorney General told Newsmax while campaigning for the runoff for Land Commissioner George P. Bush, which closes on Tuesday evening.

Paxton proposed to have “one driveway” in schools to make it more difficult for shooters to enter the school and to arm teachers and “potentially other administrators”.

“Early responders are usually unable to arrive on time to prevent shooting,” he said. “It would be impossible without the police on every campus. Almost impossible in most schools.”

Later in Fox News, Paxton withdrew the idea that there should be more laws restricting gun ownership.

“We cannot stop bad people from doing bad things. “If you break the murder law, you won’t follow the gun laws. I never understood the argument.”

He later reiterated his point on arming teachers.

“The reality is that we don’t have the resources to do law enforcement in every school,” he said. “No matter how prepared the police are, it takes time for law enforcement to get there. So our best hope is to get the right education for some of these people in school.”

Governor Greg Abbott said the state would investigate the shooting.

“I have directed the Texas Department of Public Security and the Texas Rangers to work with local law enforcement to fully investigate this crime. The Texas Department of Emergency Management is responsible for providing local officials with all the resources they need to respond to this tragedy as the State of Texas works to ensure that communities have what they need to heal.”

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