Texas: Gonzalo Lopez escapes from prison bus after stabbing a security guard

Gonzalo Lopez, sentenced to life in prison, escaped after stabbing a bus driver. While Lopez is in prison for murder. He and the other inmates in the prison were on the bus when he happened. But how did he escape from the scene? Because the authorities are looking for Lopez. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Read ahead to learn more about Gonzalo Lopez, who escaped after stabbing a bus driver.

Who is Gonzalo Lopez?

46-year-old Gonzalo Lopez. His full name is Gonzalo Artemio Lopez. As far as his background is concerned, he faces several charges. In fact, his current punishment was for a capital murder he committed in 2006. In the incident he reportedly killed a man with a pickaxe near the southern border.

In fact, Lopez faces multiple charges, including shooting a sheriff. Because of this, he does not qualify for parole until 2045. Although he was recently sentenced to life in prison. But he also fled there.

Gonzalo Lopez escaped by stabbing the bus driver with a knife.

While Gonzalo and prison inmates ride a prison bus in Houston and Dallas on May 12. The 46-year-old murderer actually managed to escape from shackles. In addition, he stabbed the bus driver’s hand and stole a service gun.

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Meanwhile, another security guard tried to fire a pistol and shotgun at him while he escaped the driver of the prison bus. Unfortunately, he fled the scene and has not been tracked to this day. However, authorities are taking a serious search mission to track him down.

Authorities track down Gonzalo Lopez

During the last time a Texas prison serving killers was seen escaping through cattle pastures. However, as Lopez fled on May 12, about 300 officials were searching for Lopez on Friday. One of the nearby schools in the area Lopez fled to has even stopped classes.

Additionally, to track him down, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has announced a $15,000 bounty to anyone who provides information about Lopez to authorities.

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