Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized Biden after GOP legislators said ‘pallets of formula’ were sent to migrant detention facilities amid a national shortage.

  • A nationwide shortage of milk powder left shelves empty and panicked parents.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has accused the Biden administration of prioritizing undocumented immigrants over Americans.
  • It is unclear how much formula was sent to the receiving facility.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized President Joe Biden on Thursday and accused him of sending formula to undocumented immigrants at the border as American parents across the country face a severe shortage.

“Children are our most vulnerable and treasured Texans and deserve priority,” Republicans said in a joint statement with National Border Patrol Council chairman Brandon Judd. “But President Biden has turned to parents across the country who are facing the nightmare of a nationwide milk supply shortage.”

“While moms and dads stare panicked at grocery store shelves, the Biden administration is delighted to provide formula to illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.”

The milk shortage in the US started months ago, but got worse in April. By the end of this month, 40% of infant formula products nationwide were out of stock, and more than 50% in some states. The White House announced plans to address the shortage on Thursday.

Abbott’s agent did not immediately respond to Insider’s questions about whether he would suggest withholding formula for immigrants at a detention facility in Texas or how such supplies should be distributed.

“CBP takes our legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of our detained individuals seriously. Ensuring that the basic needs of immigrants, including children and infants, in our detention are met is a safe, orderly and humane guarantee. It is in line with the administration’s promise to ensure that, in a statement to Insider, a CBP spokesperson said it was “a process at our borders” and added that “we will comply with all applicable regulations regarding the purchase of products used at CBP facilities.”

In Abbott’s statement, Assemblyman Kat Cammack said: video Posted on Facebook that “pallets of milk powder” had been shipped to a receiving facility at the border.

“We haven’t been able to find any formula in our area in the meantime,” said a Florida Republican congressman.

Cammack also shared Picture A piece of the shelf with the formula she said was taken from the Ursula processing center in McAllen, Texas, and sent to her by a concerned border patrol officer.

“He’s been a border patrol officer for 30 years, but he’s never seen anything like this,” she said. He couldn’t believe the recent delivery of milk powder had arrived.

“It’s not the children’s fault at all,” Cammack said.

It is unclear when and how much infant formula was provided to host facilities, and how much compared to the current national shortage.

The White House did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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