‘That question should go to Manchester City’: Steven Gerrard rushes at press conference after Robin Olsen assault

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard rushed during a post-match press conference after being questioned about allegations of assault on goalkeeper Robin Olson.

Gerrard’s Villa conceded three goals in six minutes and blew a 2-0 lead, while Manchester City secured a last minute victory that helped them achieve the Premier League title.

Villa’s complete capitulation meant Liverpool would ultimately miss out on Liverpool as well while remaining second at the table.

As the referee blew the closing whistle at the Etihad Stadium, City supporters rushed to the pitch to celebrate with the players, but things quickly faded when another ugly thing ruined the moment.

Villa’s shoot-stopper Olsen walked across the pitch and found a number of City fans attacking him.

After the match, when the media asked about it, Gerrard abandoned the press conference.

“No, that’s not the answer to that,” he replied.

“I think the question should go to Pep as my goalkeeper has been attacked. [Guardiola] And Manchester City.”

Clearly indignant at what had happened on the pitch, Stevie-G got up from his chair and left the room.

As he left, another reporter asked how badly Olsen was injured, and Gerrard replied, “I’ll go check it out now.”

It didn’t take long for the video of the incident to appear.

Pushing, pushing, knocking, Olsen covered her face during the ordeal to avoid further damage.

Meanwhile, stadium security did everything they could to protect him from the sea of ​​fans flocking to the stadium.

Following the incident, City reached out to Olsen: “Manchester City sincerely apologize to Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen who was assaulted when fans entered the stadium after the whistle at the end of today’s match.

“The club has launched an immediate investigation and, once confirmed, the person in charge will be subject to an indefinite stadium ban.”

Sky Sports experts erupted during the analysis.

“What’s going on? Over the last 30 years we have broken down the fences of English football and 99 out of 100 times we have respected the fact that fans don’t play on the pitch because they enjoy the family environment,” he said. Gary Neville said.

“Obviously a lot more children are coming to the game and a lot more women are coming to the game. And over the last few weeks and months suddenly we have these idiots playing on the pitch as well as attacking players .. you what are you doing?

“Playing on the pitch is obviously mind-boggling because City have won the league. So I understand, but attacking opponents on the pitch. Where does this come from? Why does it happen? I have no idea. Totally ridiculous. It’s nice.”

As for Roy Keane, “Stupids, scumbags. It’s a disgrace.”


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