The Automobile User Support Group highlights the benefits of using the bus.

First Bus hired Mark Cox, known for playing Tam in the still game, to remind travelers about the environmental benefits of riding a bus.

Working with creative agency MadeBrave, the shipping service started out as a spoof-style TV commercial featuring four very different characters who got together to attend a car user support group.

“I found that the reason cars continue to beat buses is because people associate cars with freedom. Our strategy with this campaign was to challenge that perception and show that actually taking the bus can be a much better option with added benefits and more freedom,” said Steve Haddon, Creative Director, MadeBrave. (Steve Hadden) said.

“A creative idea was a brave one. We decided to show the benefits of riding the bus by having four overblown characters tell their experiences with cars. This was all done in the setting of a community center support group and ultimately resulted in a unique and humorous result.”

The campaign will expand further with national and regional PR activities provided by the communications agency Grayling.

Duncan Cameron, Managing Director of First Bus in Scotland, said: “As Scotland is launching a Modal Shift campaign to encourage people to leave their cars behind, frequent car users will be We recommend that you consider taking the bus instead. .

“From saving money to reducing stress and reducing our environmental impact, there are many benefits that can be found not only for themselves but for the city of Glasgow as a whole. If each of us makes the small, conscious decision to leave our cars behind, together we can change the hustle and bustle of our cities, air and noise pollution.”

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