The boat capsized off the coast of Puerto Rico, killing 11 people and saving 31 people.

At least 11 people have been killed and 31 have been rescued, officials said, when the boat capsized off the coast of Puerto Rico.

“A mass rescue operation is ongoing,” said Ricardo Castrodad, spokesman for the US Coast Guard.

“We’re trying to save as many people as possible, and we’re looking for as many survivors as possible,” he said on Thursday.

The capsized boat was initially spotted by a US Customs and Border Protection helicopter.

“Otherwise, we wouldn’t have known about this until someone looked for signs or received reports that loved ones were missing,” Castrodad said.

“They found them early enough so we could adjust our response.”

Authorities said eight of the rescued passengers who were taken to hospital were Haitians, but the nationalities of the other passengers were unknown.

The boat was discovered about 11 miles north of Desecheo, an uninhabited island off Puerto Rico’s west coast.

U.S. officials said the incident was the latest in the rescue of a group of people fleeing Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The US Coast Guard and the Dominican Navy rescued 68 people in the area between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Saturday.

The Coast Guard said it had arrested 1527 Haitians, 838 Cubans and 742 Dominica migrants in the last fiscal year that ended September 30.

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